Bird  Room

In August of 2000, our birds moved into their new 450sf room.  This room has a 13' vaulted ceiling, lots of huge windows for natural lighting, large storage room and laminate wood flooring.   Our birds just love their new room and enjoy all the extra space for playing outside their cages.  Enjoy the photos below.  (Click thumbnail image to view larger photo).

**We have since moved from this residence, we sure miss the bird-room!  Very soon our birds will have a new bird-house at our new location.  Summer 2007

NEW 10/06!!  We are in the process of finally getting the birdroom painted in a jungle theme. 


Just getting started in painting clouds on the upper walls & ceiling.

Still have more to add in the way of different shades of green to give more texture to the scenery.

birdroom2.JPG (48830 bytes)

Looking from middle of room towards storage area & french doors to family room.

birdroom1.JPG (54129 bytes)

From Connie's office into birdroom

birdroom3.JPG (42439 bytes)

Towards Connie's office, middle of birdroom.


birdroom4.JPG (56169 bytes)

From Connie's office towards family room doors & sliding doors to covered porch.

Peaches playing on a swing


playarea.JPG (95612 bytes)

Goliath's suspended area in the living room.


birdplatform9-16.JPG (58208 bytes)

Suspended play area in the bird room.

toos10-15-00.JPG (53401 bytes)

Some of the cockatoos out playing.

Peaches, Kona & Tico out for playtime

Water fountain 


toos9-28-00.JPG (58557 bytes)

Cockatoos' playtime

Peachie flying high!

 ladderswing3.jpg (78291 bytes)

Joey & Peaches playing on swings

 ladderswing4.jpg (87133 bytes)

Joey is VERY excited about the ladder swing!


One of the many Manzanita Tree Gyms


Another Manzanita Tree Gym

Peachie & a Palm Tree Toy

Kona not sure about the Palm Tree Toy


Goliath hanging from a ceiling guard after he unscrewed a quick link that his swing attached to, and swing dropped to floor.

Dexter adores Tico and flew over to a tree that Tico was playing on.



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