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New Flight


We erected a flight for our parrots on our new property in the Summer of 2007.  The flight is 20' wide by 24' long and 8' high.  It has have wire down the center of it to separate the Hyacinths & Cockatoos so that each pair will have their own 10' x 24' area.  We chose an area of the property that has a great deal of shade from fir trees as well as afternoon sun and is located fairly close to where our new house will be built.  Inside the flight we will layed 3-4 inches of river rock to help absorb water during our rainy months. We placed a 70% knitted shade cloth over a 6' wide section at  the back end of the flight to give the birds protection from sun, wind & rain.  They will still have an 18' section of exposed are for sunshine, although a good portion of that is shaded by trees.


Framing is nearly done!  Aug 2007

Jim, who has done most of this by himself!

Poultry wire surrounds the flight to keep critters from digging under the frame.  Will be covered by dirt & large bark chips.


Great location for the birds

We begin to set the wire on the frame          8-13-07.  The wire is 12.5 gauge galvanized livestock wire.

The roof framing.  We haven't yet decided what we will be placing on the exposed boards to keep them from being chewed up by the birds.


One end of the wire is on 8-18-07  This is the end that will have shade cloth.

We got almost all the wire on over the weekend 8-19-07!  Still have the gate end & the center wire to install.

Gia & Goliath in their new flight for the first time!  8-27-07


Gia posturing for the camera

Goliath & Gia

Goliath & Gia (granddaughter in background)


The flight is finished!  The Cockatoos were able to experience their new play area last week.  Sept 2007

Finishing up the little things such as a rock border around the pathway



Shade Cloth is on, Sept. 2007


We are working on the landscaping around the flight May 2008


July 2008


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