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Our Farm


We purchased a 20 acre farm and relocated during the Summer of 2007.  We currently have 13 head of cattle (Hereford and Angus cross) to keep the large pastures under control.  We also have a fruit tree orchard, just over 100 assorted apple & pear trees, several acres of timber as well as young Christmas trees.  There is also a 3/4 acre natural fed pond that is home to a few pair of ducks & Canadian Geese who apparently frequent as long as there is plenty of cracked corn present on the banks.  We hope to someday begin building a new home, which will overlook the pond & back 10 acre pasture.  Our birds have their own private bird-house built next to their outdoor aviary.  The aerial photos were taken by us, when we had the pleasure of taking a short flight over the property by one of our former neighbors just after we purchased the property.  You'll notice a white line around the property in some of the photos, which was drawn in to give viewers our property lines.  We'll post photos regularly so do check in often!


***Update October 2015!  We finally completed construction of our new home!  This has been a very long journey but one we are most grateful for.  Scroll below for new photos.



The red barn in the center of the photo is over 100 years old!



There are 1000's of acres behind our property which contain trails for riding!

Trails behind our property

Young heifer & steer calves, June 2007


Our herd

Angus x Hereford cow

Hereford cow


Our pond in the Summer.  Water recedes a great deal in the Summer but still about 5' deep in the center.


The moon rising behind the hills one July evening

The herd grazing in the large pasture


Our pasture and the Christmas tree farm behind & to the side of our property

Our tractor, which we use ALL the time.

We love our barn.  It was built in the late 1800's and is in remarkably good condition after some minor restoration efforts.

Our herd relaxing on an October morning




Canadian Geese and some ducks in our pond November 2007



When there's snow....there's snow-machines...and snow-people!



   Our steers & heifers have never seen snow before!


We had snow!!  Our first snowfall on the farm on 1-27-08


We have our first calf!  A little bull calf was born in the middle of a hail & rain storm on March 13, so he was named Stormy




Here is Stormy at 4 days old


Our 2nd calf was born on March 18 and her name is Sunny (the sun was shining when she came into the world).  She is a petite little thing and learned very quickly where the food was.




March 21, 2008

 New photos of the calves & their Mamas




Our Apple & Pear Tree Orchard

A beautiful rainbow behind our barn, appeared after a thunderstorm May 2008

Connie & her Dad 6-08


5/18/08 We have chickens!  We built a chicken run & a hen house recently and acquired some young layers as well as an older rooster & New Hampshire hens.  Can't wait for "farm fresh eggs".




 Update 8/22/08: We are getting 6-8 eggs a day now!!  Great little layers these ladies are.


11-18-08 It's slaughter day at the farm, a bit sad to see them go but this is what we raise them for.  We butchered 4 head, these were the best 2 although a a bit small.  They dressed out well and look forward to enjoying the beef that they have provided for us.



Our newest addition to the herd was born February 7, 2009.  A little Hereford bull calf.  We were able to watch his birth and take photos of him coming into the world!





A photo of our pond and pasture  2/8/09


Another calf born, February 11, 2009.  This one is a heifer, first time calf for this Hereford cow.  This was a large calf and Mama cow needed some assistance birthing so we stepped in and helped pull her into the world as Mama pushed.



And yet another calf in February!  This little guy was born on February 12, 2009.

We adopted a German Shepherd from our local dog control shelter in February 2009.  We didn't know much about him other than he had been found running the streets in a small city neighborhood, he was underweight, had worms severely and a bad case of ear mites.  We eagerly adopted him, had him neutered and slowly got his weight up to a normal range for a dog of his size.  We named him Kaen (pronounced Cane).  This dog has turned out to be a wonderful companion and friend and we are blessed to have him.

At the shelter

Shortly after coming home


A few weeks later

Memorial Weekend 2009, playing with kids in our pond



Our Angus X Limousine cow had her 1st calf in August 2009, a little heifer we name Rosie.


We also had a Hereford bull calf born about 10 days prior to the Angus heifer.  A real BIG boy.  His name is Curly.  Curly came out to meet Rosie a few hours after she was born!

You can watch a video of Rosie coming in to the world by clicking this link .  If it doesn't play by clicking, save it to your desktop and play it from there.


A view of our property from the hill behind us.  Taken in February 2010 during a horseback ride.


Our 1st calves of 2010, born in March




Here's a video you can watch of the 1st calf of the season, Buddy


Niles & Zeke, 2 miniature donkeys came to live on the farm in August 2010



These are photos taken in the Summer of 2010 when Connie went trail riding through some hills behind our farm.  These spectacular views are something we never tire of!





Some of our Spring 2011 calves



We had a major project in the Summer of 2011.  Building a road over a large drainage area so our cows wouldn't have walk through mud several feet deep in the Winter to get to the barn.  We moved ALOT of rock from our property, took about 2 weeks to finish.


We added a new member to our animal family in the Fall of 2011.  Millie (short for Amelia) is a 6.5 year old German Shepherd.  Kaen is not so sure of her yet.




Slaughter Day at the farm Jan 24, 2012

We harvested three of steers from 2010 and they dressed out real nice.




On March 6th, 2012 Millie lost her battle with a very aggressive form of oral cancer.  We noticed a tumor inside her mouth a couple months after we adopted her and was diagnosed with cancer.  She didn't have a chance to enjoy a very long life on our farm but we are grateful for those few short months we had with her.

First calves of 2012!  Bull born on Feb 28th and a heifer born March 1st



The bull calf we call Moose and the heifer is Minnie-Moo

Two more calves born during the 1st part of March 2012, a bull and a heifer, very excited about getting 2 heifers this year!

  Named her Millie because she was born on the evening that we lost Millie, our Shepherd


  This is Mooch, well, because he is.

We lost our beloved Zeke suddenly on February 5, 2013.  He and Niles were the best of buddies and often made us laugh with their antics.  We will miss you terribly Zeke.


1st Calf of 2013


We will have 4 calves this year.  Fergie was the 1st to arrive on February 8th.  Here's a short video of Fergie!


On February 10, 2013, two new mini donkeys came to live on the farm and be pasture pals for Niles.  This is Juan, a 3 year old jack, soon to be gelded.


This is Peanut, a 10-11 year old boy.


A video of Halie, our 13 year old granddaughter,  who raises, shows & sells Boer meat goats.


In September 2013 we adopted a male German Shepherd pup, named him Boone.  He's grown into an amazing young dog and is best buddy to Kaen.



Jim & Connie doing some trail riding with  Handy & Pistol, Summer 2014


We broke ground on our new home in April 2015 and completion was in October 2015!  We are enjoying our new home very much and look forward to many happy years here.


Setting trusses


Roofing material



All wrapped and ready to side.

Garage floor done

Love our front door.

We built this vanity for our powder room.

Building rear decks


All done! Lots of landscaping to do now.

Our gorgeous kitchen

Great room

Great room

View from Great Room windows

Master Bedroom

She's finished!

With such sadness, we let our beloved German Shepherd, Kaen, pass over to the Rainbow Bridge on Memorial Day 2015.  We loved this big ole "pound dog" like crazy and miss him so very much.  He is not suffering any longer and is resting peacefully near his favorite place to lie, near the pasture of our Buckskin mare, Pistol.


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